Initial commit

This is the first post on my Recursive Blog o/ yay!!! Well if you want to understand what is a Recursive Blog, check out here and when you are back we can continue.

The problem

In my studies about Domain Driven Design (DDD) and Design Patterns I have run into a lot of Rails incompatibilities and since then, I am trying to figure out ways to uncouple my business rules from the application logic.

I did a lot of experiments, I even created a gem (ActiveRepository), but gave up because it was conceptually wrong. Then I realised I could separate my business logic using simple Ruby classes that can be integrated into any framework through a protocol which the application should follow to interact with the business logic using an Hexagonal Architecture.

There were mainly three areas which I had problems in my laboratories. The first, was uncoupling the business logic from the Rails Controllers. The second, was uncoupling the Models. And the last one, was identifying and separating the logic in well defined domains and integrating them to create a core for the app.

Next Steps

The next three posts will cover each of these topics. And after this I will add posts as I update and/or add new features to the blog, as I keept it really simple for now, just to show how I managed to solve these problems.

I integrated the Disqus platform into the blog so I can hear what you guys think about it all.

So keep up with us and see ya!!!

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