About The Blog

def efreesen; efreesen; end

Hey! First of all, thanks for coming, I hope you enjoy your stay!

Ok, Thank you. But, what the heck is a recursive blog?

Well, let's start from the begining. Lately I have been studying a lot about Design Patterns and DDD. So I started to learn a lot of interesting things, however I had nowhere to apply these new findings except some minor projects at work or some personal projects. Thus all the knowledge was scattered throughout them.

So I decided to create two projects, one to be a kind of a laboratory, and the other, a blog to write about my findings, only to realize that I could create only one, a blog using these "new techniques" and reuse it to write about how I made it.

In the end a recursive blog is a blog which I code and also tell how I coded it, isn't it nice?

Well, now let's get started. You can check out my posts or if you prefer you can go and check out the whole blog code